View Full Version : Murdered at 17

September 28th, 2010, 17:21
I was with my boyfriend for two years when he was taking away from me, he was murdered on the 26th of june and everysince i have felt empty and alone. I have no idea how to cope and who to turn to, no one knows how i feel and it is like they are all moving on with their lifes and i am lost. I am only 17 and been told i will move on but i see no way i can, i cry myself to sleep everynight, i get so angry at my friends and family who say i will be ok. We had so many plans and a bright future, i will always love him and just need help to deal with everything. x

January 26th, 2011, 23:26
I Just Lost My Fiance The Night After He Proposed Too Me New Years Eve He Had A Strong Pill Problem, And He Was High On Morphine That Night Before I Went To Sleep After Yelling At Him Being Angry. I Woke Up That Morning To Hear Him Snoring Faced Down In Bed Taking It As He Is Sleeping, And I Left Him In That Position 3 Hours Later I Came Back And He Was Gone I Feel So Guilty If I Wasnt So Mad At His Constant Behavior With Pills I Wouldnt Have Been So Stubborn And Left Him There. It Hurts Me As It Is Still So New Too Me. I Am Obsessed With Trying To Contact Him, I Want To Die, I Have So Many Emotions. I Appreciate This Website Because Although I Dont Want This To Happen To No One, Its Good To Have Like Minded People That Truly Understand, He Was 27 And I Had Him For Only 9mths But Still We Were Just Ready For Life. He Left Behind Two Daughters From A Previous Relationship 5 And 3 And I Really Hurt Even More Behind That. I Understand I Am Still In Love With Him And Not Sure I Will Ever Lose That Feeling I Am Tired Of Everyone Saying Move On Or Get Over It.