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  2. My mother, Lyn Avery Jones
  3. Please tell me about your deceased child
  4. my dad
  5. He took my breath away
  6. My loving Husband
  7. My father Stanley L
  8. How I remember my Grandad
  9. How I remembered my Dad
  10. Remembering my parents
  11. My dear wife...
  12. My friend Robin....
  13. My Sweetiepie
  14. Please Help Me
  15. The Person whom I admire the Most
  16. My Tribute To My Beautiful Wife 1963 - 2011
  17. My wonderful Denise
  18. Thank you for Being a Part of my Life..
  19. Heaven Opened Its Doors For You
  20. My soulmate John
  21. to my lovely bear, Giuliano
  22. The note...
  23. For my Precious Dave with love always.
  24. My Drew - definitely not the perfect marriage.
  25. Hi, Cousin
  26. Another Birthday Without you...
  27. 33 years ago today
  28. in memory of darren
  29. Dad I can't count the ways I miss you
  30. Mama I miss you more each day
  31. My Darling Mother....
  32. in memory
  33. in loving memory of darren
  34. In loving memory of my Dad <3
  35. "My Stevie" xXx
  36. invite to write a christmas thought/prayer
  37. to my darling husband
  38. 'For Tam"
  39. love is eternal
  40. for my darling giuliano
  41. To my wonderful Dad, 3 years on <3
  42. My Sweet Wife Cheryl
  43. Today I will not Grieve
  44. peace and love to you all at christmas x
  45. my guiluano
  46. Just Bring in the Ship
  47. R I P John Luce Lockett
  48. Seshendra : Visionary Poet of the Millennium
  49. R I P Robin Williams
  50. Thoughts....
  51. happy birthday in heaven darren
  52. in loving memory of Steve Heasman
  53. Your birthday
  54. Sundaralakshmi Yaddanapudi
  55. How Grateful I Would Be To Have Just One More Day