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  1. Read this first - general guidelines
  2. Coming to terms with death
  3. Comfort in Faith
  4. Having a "Philosophy"
  5. Spiritual Encounters with Loved Ones Passed?
  6. my friend's hair
  7. Philosophy on LIFE!
  8. He does not understand my recent spritual encounters
  9. random thoughts
  10. Awesome Spirituality/Past Lives Books
  11. Near Death Experiences
  12. Do you believe it??
  13. Thoughts on psychic mediums
  14. Fears fuel me with doubt. . .
  15. Are You Afraid When You Feel A Presence?
  16. Believing in a world of where nothing is certain
  17. Reflections on Faith
  18. Going Home ...
  19. Dream Talk: Where do they come from?
  20. Had A Religious Experience:
  21. Growing Older
  22. Any other theories?
  23. The Sailing Ship
  24. Clairvoyants
  25. Do Animals go to Heaven?
  26. Your thoughts on life after death
  27. Don't Take It All Too Seriously!
  28. Christmas and New Year Message
  29. A Message of Hope
  30. Messages from loved ones in spirit?
  31. An Interview with God
  32. Intuitive or Spiritually Gifted?
  33. Heavenly Signs from Our Loved ones
  34. New Collection of Comfort for the Bereaved
  35. The Angel of Death
  36. To our Loved Ones in Spirit
  37. Vedic astrology
  38. I'm touched by a ghost - how about you?
  39. Not too much grieving, please - find out why.
  40. Christmas Message 2009
  41. I wrote to a book to help people
  42. What is hope?
  43. Spirituality, Prayer and Healing: Building Strength Through Faith
  44. Spirituality Lies Within Soul
  45. The Most Powerful Weapon On Earth Is Human Soul On Fire
  46. Spiritualism : A Dialogue with the Devil on the Meaning of Life
  47. The Still, Sad Music of Humanity
  48. The Most Powerful Weapon On Earth Is Human Soul On Fire
  49. What is spirituality? Find your spirituality…
  50. A Message of Hope
  51. Spirituality Lies Within Soul
  52. I think everyone is an agnostic deep down.
  53. The Inner Soul & Spiritualism
  54. Who Stole my Soul
  55. Food For Thought
  56. Going home
  57. Why do You take my loved ones from me?
  58. Christmas and New Year Greetings
  59. What does the Crucifixion mean to you?
  60. Happy Easter!
  61. The Mansions of Heaven
  62. what is the marriage preparation course?
  63. Death - where is Thy sting?
  64. We are all Christians
  65. Marriage Course
  66. Alpha for Catholics
  67. Invitation to the Launch of the New Rays Of Wisdom
  68. The human soul in search of its true home...
  69. I Know You By Heart
  70. Dying Doesn't Mean You've Left Me ... You're Just a Bit Ahead in Our Mutual Journey
  71. Hope in the one who died for us.
  72. Everything Happens For A Reason
  73. In Times Of Great Struggle
  74. Using Mediums
  75. mimi is healed
  76. Changing Beliefs 101
  77. Confidence creates Success
  78. Do You Resist Life?
  79. Self-Discipline & Success
  80. " Continued Communication with our departed loved Ones "
  81. All a waffle
  82. Come And Share Your Dreams With Us
  83. Building Bridges
  84. born from above
  85. "Give Me Strength Lord........."
  86. Christmas In Our Time
  87. The reason for the season.
  88. "A simple prayer for Understanding"
  89. Songs Of Inspiration
  90. Eternilty Is Today
  91. The Winter Of Our Life
  92. Happy Easter 2013
  93. prayer for deniz
  94. prayer for tammy
  95. a prayer
  96. how long we live
  97. What Happens When Someone Dies?
  98. New Here
  99. one persons view of heaven
  100. one persons view of heaven (2)
  101. one persons view of heaven (3)
  102. Words Of Comfort And Hope
  103. What Does Christmas Mean In Our Time?
  104. Thought For Today
  105. A Celebration Of Mothers