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  1. Read this first - general guidelines
  2. When I child looses someone special...
  3. Learning to grieve at a young age
  4. How young is too young?
  5. Preparing a Child
  6. Books that deal with loss and grief
  7. Helpful articles for children coping with grief
  8. Advice for grieving children
  9. "Grandma went to sleep..."
  10. My Friend's Daughter
  11. Hands Together, Heart to Art children's summer camp in Chicago, IL
  12. Sunshine On A Rainy Day
  13. Hands Together, Heart to Art Summer Camp 2009
  14. Losing A Daughter
  15. What is hope?
  16. My young children aren't understanding
  17. The human soul in search of its true home...
  18. Grieving 4yo
  19. Coping Strategies for Grieving Children & Parents
  20. Teenager looking after 3 year old niece
  21. Prayers please
  22. "two excellent informative sites for Children's Grief "
  23. "Suggested Bereavement Books for Children and Teens"
  24. the importance of caring for grieving children