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Suicide: dealing with the aftermath

Coping with the suicide of a loved one
We know that death will come for us all, but it seems especially traumatic to cope with a loved one's death by suicide. The suicide of a loved one is different from "natural" death in some ways, and we will cope in different ways. Not better. Not worse. Just different.

Practicalities of dealing with a suicide
As if being a suicide survivor isn't enough, you must also deal with your loved one's funeral or memorial service, burial or cremation, the probate of the estate and obtain a death certificate for insurance purposes. How can you cope?

Dealing with survivor guilt after a suicide
"Why did he do it?" is the first thing you think when you find that your loved one died by suicide. Survivors often feel they did not do enough to save him or her. These feelings can leave the family with persistent concerns that are referred to as "survivor guilt."

How to explain suicide to your child
The grief and sadness that you feel when a loved one dies by suicide is also felt by child suicide survivors. Do not be afraid to face suicide and the grieving process directly and honestly with children; read this page for guidance.

10 strategies for coping with grief
Grief is a personal experience, unique to each mourner and unique to each loss. Grief comes in waves, as times of peace and calm are suddenly shattered by overpowering emotion. The following strategies provide a few suggestions to help you ride out the waves as you cope with your grief.

Death and grief: when will you start to feel better?
After the death of a loved one, remember that there is no set time for you to mourn your loss. Bereavement is a process, not an event, but the important thing to remember is that you will start to feel better. This, too, will pass.

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