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Old March 20th, 2013, 10:30
Rubysbaby Rubysbaby is offline
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Default Another First

Today would have been my parents' 52nd Anniversary. Mom has only been gone for 7 months but it still feels like yesterday. It's so hard not to remember what was going on this same time last year and long for that moment to last forever. Last year my 3 siblings and I took mom and dad out for their 51st Anniv. I suggested that we take pictures because we hadn't had professional pics since my brothers wedding 10 years ago. The professional pics didn't work out due to no where being opened by the time my brother would be off from work. I decided to get a family friend that took pics for a hobby to come over to my house and get shots of all of us. All of us were so happy. I never thought she wouldn't make it more than 3 months after that photo. She was doing just fine and things changed in a blink. What makes it even more sad is that the guy that took our pic died the day after mom. His death was a shock also. I haven't even had time to process the sadness his family is going through because of my own. I'm able to cope some days but some days I just feel cheated by not having my mom. She was my best friend and it's so lonely doing everything without her.
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Old March 24th, 2013, 08:24
j's daughter j's daughter is offline
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Hi Rubysbaby, I've sent you a private message, too.

I know how I felt for a long time after my Mom died. It was hard to go out and about life, as we used to do together. Go grocery shopping, or to the bank where the staff were used to seeing us come in together. It was especially hard when I had to walk past a little park Mom and I would pass on our way home from shopping. Sometimes we would go sit in the park for a while, just to enjoy the sun and sit for a while and chat.

One thing I found that helped me was to get a locket and put Mom's picture in it. Then when I went out - well, I still do it - I felt I could take Mom with me. Where I went, where I still go, Mom comes along, too. It might seem strange, but I feel she comes with me still.

Even to tuck a picture of your Mom in your purse or pocket and go for a walk where you used to walk together - you might try that, see if it helps. I know it's enough to bring the tears, to go alone where you used to once be together, but ... well, I don't feel so alone if I take along a picture or a memory of Mom. And sometimes I think Mom just needs to get out in the fresh air!

It's hard to go on without them, but we go on to honour them! I have the saying beside my computer: "The greatest gift we can give to those who have left us is to live fully in their place." And I do believe that.
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