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Old January 13th, 2011, 15:12
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Default My future Brother in Law , too young

honestly, i don't know how my girlfriend's half-brother's death affects me so much, other than he would've been my brother-in-law when I ask my girlfriend to marry me (which will be soon).

I barely got to know him, only interacted with him twice (for 10 day periods) as I traveled abroad to visit him with my girlfriend. He is her only brother (technically half-brother), but she loved him very much. This past tuesday, (1.11.2011) he passed away, while he visited La Paz, Mexico.

His mother (my girlfriend's step-mother) was battling with his heart and brain troubles for a while, and she did not want to put her son (my future brother-in-law) thru anymore surgeries. So his mother was instructed, by an astrological/cosmos guru, that he spend his 10th birthday in La Paz, Mexico... as forces of the universe would be most pleasing for his soul/spirit there. It was an expensive trip to take for him and his step-mother, as they live in the D.F (capital of Mexico). They took the trip anyway, without the father (my girlfriend's father), due to monetary limitations.

either way, my visit with him this second time came up short of staying long enough for his 10th birthday.

im writing here now, as i am having trouble with his death. i really miss him. i know he was suppose to be my future brother in law... as i do plan to marry my girlfriend... but i kind of viewed him as a little brother / "son" as well.

His father (my future father in law) is a great man, so he had a good life (as a single child). But, i really feel empty and constantly looking around during the day for signs of him. I even feel like naming my first born son after him, with different last name of course.

i just want to know if anyone has dealt with this type of situation before, and how did you get thru it ?... I also want to help console my girlfriend, now that we are back in the U.S.

thanks, God bless.
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