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Old April 24th, 2008, 11:18
rancesmom rancesmom is offline
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Default Excrutiating Pain

My eldest son was killed in a dirt bike accident on October 7, 2007. He was a Petty Officer in the Navy's Nuclear Program and had just been medically discharged four weeks before the accident. My son had developed a seizure disorder. Undetered in the four weeks post Navy my son began the process to enter medical school. He was a concerned, loving young man with a vision for his future. He wrote on his "my space" before his death about how he asks himself each day whether or not he is doing all he can and reluctantly he must answer no...there is always more to give. He went on to say that he awoke each day with the intention of trying to touch one person that day. He hoped by touching one person he would in fact be touching many more and the world would be a better place. My son was incredibly inspirational and I could go on and on with the many stories of his life. He was courageous and determined. Six months after that fateful night when my son was out in the country with his best friend and decided there would be no harm in him riding the dirt bike, we are still in disbelief. After all it was late at night on an old country road and even if he had a seizure who could possibly get hurt? My son did in fact have a seizure and hit a barbed wire fence. He died almost instantly. Our pain is beyond excrutiating. He was such a joy in our lives. We are blessed in that we do not have any regrets. My son was a great communicator and told us each day how much he loved us and we did the same with him. Our only regret is that he died. We know he died knowing how incredibly loved he was, but even with that my heart is completely devastated. We are told it gets easier and I just can't imagine that. So far, each day has gotten harder. Each day I wake up without my son.

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Old April 24th, 2008, 21:12
Rachele Rachele is offline
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I am so very sorry for the devestating loss of your son. There could be no greater loss than loosing a child. I wish I had the healing words to help you but I know aren't any that would help. It was inspiring to read about your son, a young man so caring about other people in the world. You rarely find that in older adults let alone young people. I can see why you were so proud to have such a son. Grief is very painful and I don't think we ever get over what we lost but learn how to live our lives without them physically. Your son set a very good example of how people should live their lives and maybe one day you too may follow the incredible spirit that you son showed the world. His spirit still lives in his story and the people whose lives he touched.
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Old April 25th, 2008, 20:05
MystiGuymon MystiGuymon is offline
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First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I've sat here and read your post a couple times over, feeling each emotion that's overcome you, as I, too, have lost a child. There are no words that can take away the pain, my only suggestion is that you find a means to honor your son in the greatest way possible. It's a long road that you are on, I hate to say it. For me, it's been eight years, this month. For the first time, this anniversary, I wasn't a complete basket case. The pain is still there and can, at times, be just as sharp. For the most part, however, I'm able to go on with life... but this year has been different, too. I'm working on a book for parent's who've lost children and knee-deep in beginning a 503(c) non-profit-organization in my son's behalf.

If you want to talk, scream, vent or talk about your son, feel free to send me a message. I'm here to help!

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Old April 26th, 2008, 00:30
lebanon10 lebanon10 is offline
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i am so sorry for your loss.My uncle and aunt just lost their son too.He was an amazing guy.He reminds me of your son.The way you speak about him so highly.He died on a motorcycle accident too.On october 1st this year..My prayers are with you and your family.Please stay strong i know it isint easy but thats life..I admire you for your courage and wish you the best.

Stay strong,
if ever you need to talk..
please feel free to message me..
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Old November 13th, 2009, 00:12
jolie07 jolie07 is offline
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rancesmom, I m sorry for heard about your son. Its really big loss for you and any mother can't see the death of her child. I understand your feelings. I know its bad experience for you and really tough time for you.
You can trying to move on. Life is very big and give many sorrows for us. I pray to God for you. (((((((HUGS))))))))
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