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The Wisdom Of The Great Mother

The Great Mother of all life is immensely kind, loving and wise. She knows each one of her beloved children of the Earth and their true needs much better than we ourselves do. Her wisdom has decreed that to teach us how to appreciate the value of the things and people in our lives, this is only possible through losing them. For example, through becoming ill we get to know the value of good health. The deceptions of the self and others, and the cheating and lying of the Piscean Age are no exception. With their help the Universe teaches us how to appreciate truth and honesty, integrity and loyalty. We do recognise and welcome then when they return to our world at last.

During the approximately six thousand years of patriarchy, which by now has almost run its course, the Universe has been teaching us to distinguish between the abuse and wise use of power. One of the main purposes of this epoch has been to show us in the realities of Earth life how the absence of the mellowing and civilising influence of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love and the feminine in general can take a whole world ever deeper into a darkest void of suffering and pain.

With the arrival of the Aquarian Age this has slowly been changing, as can be seen quite clearly from the events of the past hundred years or so. The new age has already had a highly beneficial influence in our world. The first signs were suffrage for all people, not merely the higher ranks of humankind. Not long after came the vote for women and slow beginnings of equal rights for them, so that they could once more have their say in the running of our world. These things are part of the Great Mother’s return into the conscious awareness of our world and re-establishing the rulership of the wisdom and love of the feminine.

The warmongering of the past in the end teaches even the slowest learners the value of peace. But great obstacles had and still have to be overcome by some of us before this goal can finally be reached for our whole world. The sacred texts of the religions of our world to this day are trying to do their best to hold back our race’s evolutionary development. Although they have a great deal to answer for, in the long run nobody can succeed with this.

First in line is the Old Testament of the Bible, in particular the book of Genesis. With the greatest of care it once sowed the seeds of misogyny, the hatred of women, into the hearts and minds of its male followers. Alas, these seeds have taken root only too well and are still flowering in the hearts of the male population in various parts of our world. The sacred texts of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to this day contain at least parts of this Old Testament.

This term is generally used by most Christians for the first section of their Bible, which is primarily based on the Hebrew Scriptures. It consists of many different books written that were compiled and edited by various authors over a period of centuries. It is not entirely clear at what point the parameters of the Hebrew Bible, the basis for the Christian Old Testament, were fixed. Some scholars believe that the canon of this Bible was already established by about the third century BC, and that the development of the various forms of the Christian Old Testament continued for centuries.

The patriarchy’s carefully nurtured hatred and distrust of women explains the rather dubious role Hera, a symbol of the Divine Mother, plays in the Heracles legend. She was the wife of Zeus who was the king of the Gods and Hera was his queen. When she found out about the infant Heracles’ existence, she ordered two snakes to be secreted into his crib. No doubt the readers of the tale are to believe that this was done in a fit of jealousy.

The baby’s nurse later finding him with a strangled serpent in each hand and chattering delightedly to himself is an allegory for demonstrating the boy’s superhuman strength and powers. The Jesus legend shows these qualities with the descriptions of the miracles and wonders performed by the Master. These characteristics are also part of each one of us.

Hera being part of Heracles’ name is an indication that although the child came into this world through a mortal woman, this could not change the fact that the Goddess and Mother of all life, the wife of Zeus/Jupiter, is his mother in the Heavens, the highest plane of life, is part of him. Greek and Roman mythology was a vital contributor to the patriarchy. To feed the misogynistic demands of that time some more, the child’s Heavenly mother was presented as a mean and jealous woman, who commits the infamy of sneaking two serpents into the baby’s crib.

This was necessary because the predecessors of the Abrahamic religions of the patriarchy, which evolved from the Greek and Roman ones and others before them, the Great Mother Goddess was worshipped and the snake revered as the symbol of Her wisdom. But even when she appears in the role of Hera, this mother does not want any one of Her children of Earth to go through life without Her wisdom and love. And so she provides this one with two serpents, knowing full well that by the time of the Greco/Roman civilisations, She Herself had become a wicked creature and the snake a symbol of darkness and evil. For human minds it is almost impossible to comprehend the power and greatness of the love that has always been the motivation behind everything that has ever happened in our world and still does. But that undoubtedly is the case so that we, Her beloved children, should learn from the experiences these events would bring to us.

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