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I too have felt alot of anger with reguard to mom's passing 7 momths ago. I started out like you towards people who my mom worked with and new very well not showing up to her wake or funeral. A few people I knew who did not send a card and even a priest who ignored me plea for help. The biggest anger has been at the doctors who quite obviously failed to diagnose and treat her resulting in her death. Most recently, I am so angry at a women my mother knew taking advantage of my father's vulnerable state and dating him. Even going through my mom's belongings. My anger runs pretty deep. I try to get it out in ways that are appropriate and not let it totally consume me but yes it is very upsetting. I do think it is normal to have feelings of anger and resentment following the passing of a loved onel, at people who are just clueless or insensitive. Try to stick with the people who are understanding and supportive.

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