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Default Create a Memorial for your loved one with a Heritageg Maker Storybook!

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I am a Heritage Maker Publishing Consultant and I have found alot of comfort in creating memorial storybooks for loved ones. This is a short article that I have published and I think it may be of some interest to you and others.

Creating a memorial to someone you have lost is one of the ways you can deal with the grieving process. The impact of the finality of death is often hard for many of us to deal with and talking about it can help. Many people find talking about their loss is not always easy. Grief is such a personal experience that many times we will close down communication and hold it all in rather than talking about how we are feeling. This is why storybooks for healing can be a powerful tool to help you during the grieving process.

It is not an easy process dealing with the loss of a loved one.

When you lose a parent, a sibling, a husband or wife or a close friend, the sense of loss is devastating. Those who are left behind often berate themselves for not spending more time with the person they lost. They feel that they should have done more to show them how much they loved them. These feelings of guilt are natural during the grieving process because we have such a sense of loss that it is hard for us to accept the person is gone.

If the death is a sudden one, this makes it even more difficult. When someone is terminally ill, there is a period of time when your mind begins to accept the fact that they are not going to get better. However, this does not take away the sorrow and pain that we are feeling.

You can find closure through 'The Power of Story'.

When using storybooks for healing to write down these feelings as well as many of the things we remember about the person, this can create a memorial that can be viewed at any time. It will help you to put into words the memories, the thoughts you are having and the way this has made you feel. All of these feelings are crucial to allowing yourself to grieve over the loss you have experienced and begin the healing process.

Everyone grieves. It may not be immediately, but eventually this must happen. One of the best ways to create a memorial to preserve your memories and the feelings you are experiencing is writing. All the feelings you are having can be expressed in this manner without physically talking to someone. Sometimes our feelings are so personal that we do not want to talk about them when the pain and loss is so new. It is much easier to write down what you are feeling.

The story you write can be the key to allowing the healing to begin and the person to be remembered fondly. Remembering the good times and the laughs you shared can be a huge part of the healing process. Although you may not realize it at the time, the memorial you are initiating with this storybook is something that will last a lifetime and will become a precious part of your memories.

Many years from now, you can look at the storybook you have written about this person and remember them fondly because you created a healing process to allow you to handle your feelings. More powerful than the greatest monument you could erect, this is a memorial you can create to honor the people you love.


Written and submitted by Pat Klassen, Personal Publishing Consultant with Heritage Makers. and owner of

This is a memorial storybook that I created for my mother, Eugenie Campbell 1926-2009 ductId=5&projectSponsor=335725
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