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i am so sorry baglady to hear you are having such a dreadful time you sound quite depressed and your friends and family should understand and try to help you .You have taken the first step by understanding you have a problem and you have to build on that daily by trying to control your anger. Anger is a part of loss we all go through that phase, but in your case it seems to have taken over and it's not a way to live, you are suffering from complicated grief Have you tried talking to a trained councillor something is holding you back from being able to move forward in your life and it may help you.I'm sorry to say there arn't many people on the site who talk anymore like we all did a couple of years ago so please don't take that as us ignoring you many have moved on.i will try and find one of (cal 821) posts that will be relevant and help and repost it .If i can help in any way i will be here for you xxx .
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