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hi anna you don't talk to your mum ? thats a big mistake people make, no one talks as they are afraid of upsetting the other person and then everyone sits in their own sadness surrounded by people who don't talk. You must talk to your mum her loss is so great he was her husband and she has lost her love her life partner her world is upside down she needs that support more than anyone .Come to an understanding with her if either of you need to talk about him or how your coping you will reach out to one another whatever the time or place be there and let one another know that it's ok .I know if your not used to discussing feelings with someone it can be difficult to open up but once you start it will get easier believe me talking is the best way forward with coping with grief Your family and friends love you they know you need this time to talk constantly about your dad never feel your burdening them it's the best way of coping they will understand because they care .sending you my love xxx

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