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Each one of us is a precious and unique being, an individual in its own right and by no means some kind of a clone of our parents or other ancestors. Although we have come through this family line onto the Earth plane, we are not of them. This we did because their energies and educational requirement are compatible with and similar to ours and because Karmic links from other lifetimes connect us with each other. Yet, each has their own pathway to walk and earthly lessons to learn. Because everybody has different sequences of lifetimes with ever varying types of learning behind them, it is hardly surprising that the perception of life of each one of us is somewhat different from all others.

What makes us recognisable as human beings is not merely the outer form of our physical body, but the inner ability of thinking and making conscious decisions. It is being capable of making mistakes and learning something from every experience, so that we can do better next time we try. Through this we gradually grow in wisdom and understanding. Although during the earliest stages of our development as earthlings these aptitudes are still limited, they are there – if only in seed form. We are still human beings, i.e. a human spirit and soul who temporarily finds itself enclosed in the outer form of a physical body and in a material world, which it does not understand.
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