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Do I Have To Have Another Lifetime On The Earth

In case you are sometimes asking the question whether you have to have another lifetime on the Earth, the simple answer is: ‘No, you don’t!’ Nobody forces any one of you to return to the Earth. But, having passed through the period of stocktaking and resting in the heavenly state, and knowing that the purpose of your existence is evolution, after a while your soul becomes restless. You realise that, if you ever wish to be released from the treadmill of cycles of lifetimes in physicality, there is nothing for it but calling upon the Angels and applying for another one.

Following the advice of the Angels, most souls eventually choose another period of studying earthly life and helping their siblings in the great human family on that plane with their spiritual evolution. We assure you that every man and woman and child who ever walked the Earth has left behind an indelible impression on the ether and has tried to contribute to making your world a better and more beautiful place for all, even if only by stimulating the light of spiritual awakening and awareness in another soul.

All gifts, be they material or spiritual, can only come to you through the effects of the law of Karma, and by the will of the Great Father and the wisdom of the Great Mother. Nothing in the whole of Creation happens without them. One of your most vital earthly lessons is learning how to discern between the value of physical and spiritual things. Spiritually, it is better by far for you to lose all worldly possessions and through this receive Divine illumination than clinging to earthly things and concerns.

Every one of you contains the Christ spirit. At first it only appears as a tiny bud on the great tree of knowledge. From this state of spiritual childhood it grows into adolescence and eventually adulthood. There then comes a time during one of your earthly sojourns when you have to decide which master you wish to follow from now on. Serving both of them at the same time is impossible. For every human soul there comes the time when the pull of the desires for the pleasures of your lower earthly nature has to be freely and willingly surrendered by you. This is necessary, so that the saving grace of the Christ Spirit, whose spark you are, can awaken and come fully alive in you, until this aspect of your nature gradually takes over your whole being.

All of this does not have to mean that wealth and abundance of earthly things are wrong, as they provide your soul with tests and trials of a different nature. Before a soul is reborn on the Earth plane, its Karma decides the pathway of the coming lifetime. In spite of this, the soul itself has a certain measure of choice as to the kind of life it would like to lead. Those who choose to respond to the drawing of God’s light and are longing with all their strength to live in truth, love and mercy by giving service to their fellow creatures are sure to find their enjoyment in the riches of the highest levels of life.

Such souls do not mind being poor on the material plane of life, because their happiness has its origin in other things. For example, the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation manifested in Mother Earth’s gifts that are freely available to those whose inner eyes and ears have opened to the higher vibrations of life. During their present lifetime such souls are strengthened, supported and illumined by serving their Creator, whom they now recognise in all creatures and things. By turning their desires away from the darkness of the material plane to the light and glory of the spiritual life, they are building in their hearts a most beautiful state of being and heavenly home.

The above is part of my interpretation of the essence of a White Eagle teaching that appeared in Stella Polaris October/November 2013 under the heading ‘What the Saints Give Up’.
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