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Originally Posted by harmony_mom View Post
After reading a post in the grieving teens forum, I am curious what others think on this topic: How young is too young to attend a funeral?
Do you feel that it is innapropriate to take younger children to a funeral?
I personally feel that no age should be too young. For me a funeral is a celebration of a persons life and the impact that they've made on others. I think that we should begin teaching our children at an early age what death is, that it's a part of life, and that it is normal and healthy to be sad that our loved ones won't be with us anymore but that they aren't gone forever and we'll see them again.
What is your opinion on the subject?
I think a child should be between the ages of 3 and 8 before they are taken to a funeral. This is because they are more likely to disturb others, not as a protection for them.
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