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Busie, I am glad to hear from you, and happy you and your family are doing well. I've kept some of your earlier postings as your words have helped me so often along the way.

I understand this is a difficult time for many, with Christmas nearing. It's natural for us to hold in our thoughts the ones we don't see with us. I miss my mother, too, and not a day passes that I don't think of her, and think of both what I've lost, and also what we had during our time together.

My heart goes out to those whose loss is very recent, those facing their first Christmas, and especially the second year, without being able to see and touch the ones they love. I have come to believe that the spirit of our loved ones is most definitely still with us, and watching over us.

This will be my third Christmas without my Mom. For the first time since she died, I have put up a small Christmas tree and when I first turned on the lights on the little tree, I whispered, "This is for you, Mom." There are still tears in my eyes from time to time, remembering, but like you, Busie, I try to keep on the path forward.

Busie, it's grand that your son is successful at school, and wonderful that you can take pleasure in his success. And I'm glad to hear your sisters are there with and for you. I've often wondered how you are doing. It cheers me to know you are well! Thank you for posting just now. May you continue to be well.

For those facing this difficult time of year without the one you want beside you, your sorrow is noticed. You needn't travel a dark path forever alone. I promise you, it does get better with time. The ones we don't see or touch are still with us, for as long as we remember them.

"Those wom we love and lose are no longer where they were before. They are now wherever we are." — St. John Chrysostom.
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