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hi busie i was overjoyed to see you on here thankyou for returning to let us all know how you and your family are
grief is such a difficult emotion some days we can't understand ourselves we can say and do things out of our character and your sister and family had to cope in their own way it affects us all differently so i'm so happy you have all come together again your mum is proud of you all
Christmas is a very special time families coming together to celebrate in their own way and when a loved one is not there with us their absence is felt so much but try and include mum in your day i know you all love to sing perhaps before your meal you could all sing her a song light a candle in the morning its light flickering throughout the day to show her love and presence is there with you all
congratulations and well done to your son he is doing well it's a testament to all the love and support he has received from you and your mum whatever you do with him today are his memories for the future so each day is precious make today and christmas joyful they are days to treasure
i know it's been heartbreaking but you are doing well some days can still be overwhelmed with longing for mum but her love and spirit will always be with you to guide you and give you strength throughout your life she is part of you and one day you will be reunited for eternity
thinking of you please keep in touch and let us know how you are i wish you a peaceful and happy christmas love hazel xxxxx
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