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hi dipesh thankyou for opening up to us all about such a heartbreaking story of the loss of your mum and dad i am so sorry and i can tell its been a very difficult time for you i think we all feel the same saying those words when someone asks us about our loved one in your case your mum and dad its facing the reality with speaking those words we have to say they are gone, died, in heaven, passed away, however you have to say it its very hard so i can understand i would like to write a few words about mum its difficult not knowing the circumstances but suicide is an illness of the mind it attacks logical thinking just like an illness of the liver attacks the body in one way a heart disease attacks the body another way and so on so i know you seem to have dealt with her loss there are no answers to why she did this except she was ill and her mind didn't function in a logical way she is now happy and at peace in heaven and loves you i remember the loss of my dad 10 years after my mother passed away and i had this overwhelming feeling of being alone like an orphan even though i wasn't a child its that safety net of a loving parent being there for us and when its gone we miss them so much and that security of unconditional love from a parent we have to stand alone and rely on our own independence at any age its hard, I gradually filled those chasms in my life as you will we start to build a life for ourselves perhaps with a partner and children of our own or traveling many different avenues and paths are there for us choices to make and that's what our parents bought us up to do find our own place in the world to be as happy as we can be and remember them in heaven with a smile and gratitude they were part of our life i send my love and hope when you come to difficult days which we all do you try and remember just the good times and they will lift you up and give you comfort x
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