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Unhappy Losing my Mom

Hi jas315, thank you for responding, I agree with J's daughter, there is something between mother and daughter.

I feel your pain cos I can see the similarities in our families. On the day I lost my mom, my two older sisters changed from being these supportive sisters to people I don't know. My third sister is the only person I communication with, as per my other sisters we are mocking God if we pray but we know that by praying and asking God and the Holy spirit to intervene, He will intervene cos there are forces beyond our control that take over when death comes knocking. My two sisters do not talk to us, they don't even talk about our mom's death. They use my fourth sister to talk to us.

Yesterday I went to Church with my third sister & my son, I cried and cried most of the service as I just couldn't help myself but miss her so much. I've told myself that I am going to try and cope with grieving the best way that I can so that I bring closure to myself and my son. I told my sister about this site.

All I can say to you is you jas315 is that you are entitled to grieve for your mom as much as you can, do not shut your Dad out cos he is your Dad, leave some space for your love cos you do have it, it's just that it's lost somehwere in the midst of pain and sorrow. Do not worry yourself about the new lady in your Dad's life, let the good spirits take you on that road to recovery. That's what I am trying even though it's not easy.

I am sorry about your loss. It's not easy, I remember with my Dad, it took me over a year to go to his grave to put flowers, even then, I cried so much but I healed for his loss through time. Now I am going through the same emotions for my mom.

Thank you J's daughter for your advice, it's talking to me too. Let's all hang in there and never let go of the love we have for our moms, even when other people (dads, sisters, brothers, relatives) try to take it away from us, there's something between mom and daughter.
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