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Letting Go

• Does not mean being uncaring, but stepping back and allowing others to do, live and experience for themselves.

• Is not cutting ourselves off, but the realisation that we cannot and have no right to control others.

• Is the realisation that I cannot enable others, because each has the right to learn from the consequences of their actions.

• Is admitting our powerlessness, namely that the outcome of something is not in our hands.

• Is not trying to change or blame others, but making the most of ourselves and helping them to do the same for themselves.

• Is not carrying others, but caring about them.

• Is not fixing things for them, but supporting them unflinchingly in their times of need.

• Is not judging others, but allowing them their humanness.

• Is not muddling and interfering with others and trying to arrange the outcome of events in their lives. This allows them to learn from and grown through their own experiences and in this way steering them into taking their destiny into their own hands.

• Is not being protective, but permitting others to face their own realities and life lessons.

• Is not denying, but an acceptance that we and our own life and that of everybody else at all times rest securely in the Universe’s loving hands.

• Is not adjusting and steering everything to my desires, but going with the flow of my life and taking each day as it comes and whatever it may bring, whilst cherishing my own existence within it.

• Letting go means having no regrets about the past and being grateful for all the things it has taught us. This sets us free to live, grow and learn – each through their own experiences – ever more in the present and for the future. And that spells fearing less and loving more.

May the Angels of Peace and Healing be with you in all your relationships, especially the one with yourself.

With love and light,

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