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alex whitmer October 4th, 2012 07:53

Finding Me
A numberof years ago I read a memorial to a young woman killed at the hands of a drunk-driving boyfriend. The memorial was written by her sister, and the obvious agony she was going through really affected me.

I am, by profession, a screenwriter, and knew then I that had to write a film based on that story - as well a few others I read - in hopes I could do my small part to end the slaughter brought on by teens and alcohol. As I wrote, the story grew to include other teen issues very much in the news, and specifically bullying and youth violence, both of which have their own heavy toll. I titled the story Finding Me, and after 4 long years, it is finally in pre-production with a wonderful cast and lots of enthusiasm.

This is a story of sibling loss.

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Mart October 4th, 2012 15:41

Hello Alex
I could give you a storey but it would be a weepy , living with the love of your life and going on a journey with them when they are given the news that they have got that horrible disease , the highs and the lows sitting in waiting rooms shaking and being sick when going for results to scans , watching a lovely woman fade away in front of you and not being able to help her , a journey I would not wish for anyone but so many have been on.

Look forward to seeing your film

hazelharris October 4th, 2012 16:05

hi alex good luck with the film these horros need to be shown wether that will deter drink driving is another matter i doubt it but it's good that you are trying like mart and other friends on here we have our own heartbreaking stories and 4 days after Darren died my grandaughter was knocked down and left for dead in the road 28 bones broken 3 fractures in her skull we are one of the lucky families and she survived 6 months in hospital and is now recovering if you can stop one person from causing such devistation it will be a job well done
love hazel

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