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hazelharris February 14th, 2015 06:25

in loving memory of Steve Heasman
may God enfold him with his love as he is reunited with those he loves in heaven and his best friend Ray he leaves such wonderful memories he was a very loved remarkable and respected man who will never be forgotten may the thread of love that eternally binds him to those who love him and mourn his passing give them comfort because love never dies and memories are everlasting his love scattered like seeds spread across the places and people he touched with his presence compassion and kindness will continue to grow forever R I P.

Steve the builder

His saw could cut the straightest line
His breath so kind would blow
The freehand scribed or pencil mark
His eyes to check its bow

His hands would guide the chisel
To form the perfect flat
He'd stop to have a cup of tea
And have a friendly chat

He'd take the trouble from you
And nail it as his own
He'd borrow your reading glasses
He never had his own

When working at a day rate
He never watched the clock
You got more than you paid for
If unfinished he would stop

He never really spoke of ..
His ray of sunshine mate
But we all knew he missed him so
Ray Winnie his best mate

His trucks were big as he was
He'd pick up anything
"Go on then " was his catchphrase
With a cheeky stevie grin

Somehow his frame and strong arms
Could find a tool in his kit
A gap that needed gentleness
To make the perfect fit

And there lies Steves uniqueness
You rarely find such gentleness in a man ,so strong
A listening giant with muscles
Who never got it wrong

God called him far to early
To build gods house he's gone
But his work will stay for ever
Steve goodnight but your love will still ..."go on"

hazelharris February 14th, 2015 06:28

tributes to a friend
Sunny man,the road from Holcot .

And as we sat and ate nice cake
And supped English tea from china plate
Her hand held his I saw a love
As angels waited close above

His frame had lost a little shape
As I got fatter with that cake
But as her eyes gazed into his
I saw how much it nourished his

And as we left we didn't know
The angels whispered time to go
But I saw so much love that day
As we supped tea and he met ray.

lovingly written by David Suter

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